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February 2019 marks the 10th Anniversary celebrating the Atmospheric Water Station installed at Jalimudi village by WaterMaker India.

The first and only village in the world to get its drinking water supply from air, the Jalimudi project can be replicated wherever ground/piped water sources are insufficient or contaminated. The large AWG has been delivering clean, fresh and safe drinking water for almost ten years to over 600 inhabitants. Today, the women and children benefit by having time for more productive activities than fetching drinking water from miles away. More importantly, medical expenses on water borne diseases have reduced and man hours wasted due to illness, saved.

With almost no hitch in water output, regular servicing and maintenance of the AWG by a trained local person, and smooth functioning of the AWG, the proof of WaterMaker India's product and advanced technology is evident. WaterMaker India manufactures its AWGs in India and exports them to many areas of the world.

"Here in Jalimudi, we used to have no clean drinking water, but now thanks to WaterMaker, our health has improved considerably. Other villages are jealous and they also want a WaterMaker." said Ch Veerabhadran, representative of the villagers. "We now have our own, secure constant supply of purified water. It has changed our lives forever. "

WaterMaker India is committed to initiate such installations in cooperation with governments/ international and national NGOs/ charities/ corporate CSR programs etc all over India and the world. Several installations on a larger scale are in the pipeline.

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