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Water Comparison

AWG versus Water Cooler / Bubble Top Dispenser/ Purifier

Item AWG Water Cooler/ Bubble Top Dispenser Purifier
Makes water yes no no
Purifies water yes no yes
Chills water yes yes no
Absolutely pure drinking water every time yes no no*
Sterile water dispensing environment yes no no*
Recurring water costs no yes no
Storage for water jars no yes yes
Adds to 38 billion plastic bottle in dumps each year no yes no
Adds to pollution from thousands of water delivery trucks no yes no
Depletes natural water resources no yes yes
No contaminants, bacteria or viruses yes no no
Acts as a dehumidifier and air purifier yes no no
Wastage of water - reject no yes yes
Additional load of environment of plastic - membranes no yes** yes
* Depends on purification process, storage period and contact with external environment
**Considering Water treated is from membrane based treatment system

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