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June 2018

"Thanks for the WaterMaker at our weekend house in Alibaug. The water tastes fantastic and somehow more drinkable than even bisleri …. We are super happy to have this as no plumbing required ……"

Sherry Merchant

April 2018

"This is part of a new story that is unfolding now, as climate change becomes probably the biggest challenge of the future. Water generation will certainly be one of the keys to survival. I hope your company will flourish, supplying technology to communities who need it."

Peter van Breusegem

September 2015

The Unit Manager

Subject: WaterMaker Machine

This is to inform you that the WaterMaker Machines installed at Gandhigram, Mandvi were not started earlier due to no electricity connection. From 10th Sept 2015 the plant is working regularly and being maintained by a representative of ACAP. The machines are rated to produce 2000 litres per day, against which we presently get an average of 2400 litres per day.


Pramukh D. Samji
Gandhigram Pani Samiti

December 2010

We have installed the Magic S Water Maker at our offices in Mumbai, Cambata Building and are pleased with the performance of the machine and the service we receive when required. The machine delivers the quantity of water as specified and the water has been tested to be of good drinking quality.

Thanking You

Mahmood Khairaz
Purchasing Manager
K.M. Dastur Reinsurance Brokers Private Limited

October 2010

This is to certify that we have procured WM1000 - and installed and commissioned at our works Raghunathapalem(v) Mattampally(M) Nalgonda(dt) and working satisfactorily.The performance is also good and giving result more than it's capacity. The Water Analysis Test result is OK for safe drinking water.

It is worthwhile to possess such Water Maker Machines for both domestic and industrial units with out any hesitation and no separate water filtration is required.

For Sri Lalita Cement Industries Limited

P.Subba Raju
Managing Director
Sri Lalita Cement Industries Limited

August 2010

Thankful to Watermaker India Ltd. for giving us this wonderful air water. After keeping this our village people all very healthier. We faced many problems before keeping this. Surrounding village people are suffering from different fevers. But our village peoples are very healthy. Because of drinking this water. Before keeping this we used to bring Godavari water which is not healthy.

Our village people feel this is the God’s gift for keeping this in our village. Once again, we thankful to you for keeping this in our village.

Yours faithfully,

V. Bharathi,
August 2010

Respected Organisation,

About the arrangement of Watermaker in my village, I feel very happy. Before the installation of the Watermaker machine in my village, peoples collect drinking water from natural source -  river. In river we  create small puddles and take out water with cup to fill our pot.

The problems faced before the installation of watermaker machine are
  1. The Godavari river is very far from my village.
  2. River water includes some dirt particles.
  3. And river water includes bacteria because it is open space.
Because of the above problems, watermaker comparison with river water, watermaker is very better.

Benefits of installation of Watermaker in my village
  1. The watermaker water is very sweet and it is free from bacteria. It is very pure water because it is filtration process. The machine is very nearest to our houses and save time for us.
According to my opinion installation of watermaker in my village, peoples feel very happy.

So, our grateful thanks to Watermaker India, Mumbai.


Ch. Posendra Mohan
Studying IInd B. Sc. (Gmp)
Govt. Arts College, Rajamundry
August 2010

The air water machine was installed in Jalimudi last year. The machine makes clean water. Myself and my family members are taking air water. We are healthy because of this water. There is no unhealthiness. In the past we faced hardship to get drinking water. We used to get drinking water from very far even then that water was not clean since water was available in the open ground it contained many impurities. But air water is very clean. This water is very good for health. There are no impurities in this water. I express my deep gratitude to the air water company.

Challapalli Venkataratnam
August 2010

 I am Veeluchuri Posibabu living in Jalimudi. All our family members are drinking air water. In this water no chemicals are mixed. We have very healthy because of this water. There is no harm in drinking this water.
In the past we used to get water from far off place. Now the air water is available near by. In the past we drank bore water. It was not very clean. Now the air water is available and there is no need to clean it. I am thankful to the air water company.

V Possibabu
August 2010

I am called Kasi Viswanathan living in Jalimudi. Myself and my family members have been taking air water. This water is very clean and healthy. There is no need to mix chlorine (to remove impurities) in this water. Before installing this machine, we used to get river water from long distances. The bore water available in our village is not good for drinking. We are all drinking clean air water.

G. Kasi Viswanathan
August 2010

We have been drinking air water for the past 12 months. So there is no harm to us. We are able to drink natural water. We express our gratitude to the organization which has been providing air water.

Ch. Satyam
August 2010

I, Kancherla Veera Raghupathi Rao, resident of Jalimudi, in Sathanagaram Mandalam, hereby write (as under)

The air water plant was installed in our village on 17.2.2009. It gives 700-900 litres of good drinking water. Our village Panchayat supply air water every alternate day.

We feel fortunate to have air water in our village. Our health is good (due to taking this water). Before installation of air water machine, we used to face certain difficulties. We used to go some kilometers to get water. We are very happy after this machine is installed. We feel very happy. It is my opinion that other villages also should be provided with air water.

K V Raghupathi Rao
August 2010

Air Water

I am Urla Ramesh of Jalimudi village Sathanagaram Mandalam, hereby say that the air water is highly useful in the village.

Before providing air water in our village we used to use tap water which was not clean. For drinking water, we used to go long distances to get it from the river Godavari.

After installation of Air Water machine, we are getting clean drinking water. People are healthy. Hence we are highly thankful to those who are responsible for providing Air Water in our village.

I wish other villages are also provided with safe drinking water, thereby those people could be protected from the diseases caused by water.

Urla Ramesh
August 2010

Air Water

I am Tejaswini, resident of Jalimudi, I want to tell about Air Water machine in our village.

Before installation of  Air Water machine, we used to drink tap water (bore water) which is not clean so we used to go to river Godavari with some hardship.

The company Watermaker India Pvt. Ltd. has installed air water machine and from that time onwards we have been getting clean and safe drinking water.

Many a village has been suffering without safe drinking water. I request the company to provide Air water to those villages also.
I am thankful for providing air water.

Urla Teswini & Chintha Palli Suma Latha
August 2010

Air Water

The Air Water making machine is kind of gift for our village. Nowadays viral fevers are rampant in our area but we are free from waterborne diseases and living in good health. Hence are highly grateful to M/s. Watermaker India Pvt. Ltd.

I wish if this type of water plants is installed in other villages also, people will live a healthy life.

Denkani Surya Chandran
August 2010

Air Water

On behalf of my village Jalimudi, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Watermaker India Pvt. Ltd. For installing the Air Water machine at our village. The watermaker is indeed a great gift as it produces crystal clear water from the air. Water is very good for health. Infact some stated that their ailments like acidity, diabetes, etc. are under control. Now not only our village but all the neighbouring villages crave for this water.

Our villagers used to drink either the bore water or the river water which is unhygienic. Moreover, they had to struggle to get river water as they had to climb up and climb down the river banks with water pots. Now that the Air Water machine is situated at a government place in the village, the villagers are extremely happy. I therefore, once again thank the organization viz. Watermaker India Pvt. Ltd. For the Air Water.

I wish the government of Andhra Pradesh may install Air Water machine wherever good and healthy drinking water is not available.

February 2010

The air water plant was installed on 17.2.2009 in our village. It gives 700-900 litres of good drinking water every alternate day.

We are keeping good health due to air water. Since it is clean water all our members are using the water and are healthy. Since good drinking water is not available, we used to get river water from a kilometer.

P Chala Pathi Rao
Ex Sarpanch
July 2009

Herewith, I represent all our villagers (Jalimudi) Seethanagaran (M.D) EG Dt AP) regarding your establishing air-water machine on 17-Feb 2009.  As it is over more than 5 months after the machine started providing a healthy and safe drinking water to all our villagers, we all appreciate your services.  We are fortunate with that machine. Before we felt very inconvenienced to get drinking water.  A very few of our villagers, who suffered with gastric trouble now felt happy with this water.  Forever we all are very thankful to your great support.

With thanks and regards

Ch Veerabhadram M.SC
Andhra Pradesh
July 2009

I, Kantipudi Narasimham, resident of Jalimudi (V), Seethanagaram (M), East Godavari Dist. I am 68 years old.  I have been diabetic for the last 20 years (since 1989) though I have been taking medicines as per the doctor’s advice, for the past 5 years (since 2004) I had to get up (from bed) every 1½ - 2 hrs to pass urine in the nights.  But I have started drinking the water produced by WaterMaker  from the beginning i.e. from the installation of Machine in February, 2009.  Nowadays I have been sleeping without disturbance.  Therefore, I am comfortable now and  feel that it was due to my intake of this water. I state out of my own experience that this water from air produced by Water Maker is very useful for the diabetics.

Kantipudi Narasimham
Jalimudi (v)
Andhra Pradesh
June 2009

I first bought a SOHO model of your product through your Delhi office in 2006. It worked beautifully and could produce 20 lts in a 14-15 hour cycle. The machine moved to Dehradun end 2007 and still functions well as Dehradun is quite humid with intermittent rains even during the drier parts of the year. In May- June however, the yield goes down to about 10 - 12 lts a day with the machine continuously plugged in. But its OK for our drinking needs.

I would love to have the new model for the home.


S. Choudhury

February 2009

This Letter is to appraise you of my experience in using your SOHO watermaker at my residence.

When I bought this machine more than a month ago, my family literally wrote off my decision as one of those crazy futuristic ones which I happen to make from time to time. Providentially, at time we were facing an acute shortage of municipal water in our area, due to which , even 20 liters bisleri bottles were suddenly not available. Thankfully for me, my new watermaker showed just what it could do as well, if not better than packaged water! We were getting more than 25 litres of pure, drinking water daily and my family’s joy knew no bonds!

Last week we had a battalion of 25 guests for dinner and we realized a little to late in the day that we had not made alternate arrangements for drinking water if needed. And in the party fervor, we totally forgot about it. It was after all the guest had left that we realized that we did not need to fetch emergency supplies of drinking water our watermaker had stood the test of the increased demand!

I sincerely feel that the day is not far away when pure drinking water will come at a stiff premium and I feel satisfied that I need not worry one bit on that score – thanks to you and your wonderful machine.

As for myself and my family, we have started taking our watermaker a  bit too much for granted. My son now seriously asks me “Dad, when will we start generating our own electricity?” I hope you are listening Mr. Srivastav! No, I am not joking I sincerely believe that the future is no longer what it used to be anymore! Especially when we have companies like yours which help us to enjoy the future today itself!

Thank you so much for letting me own this futuristic wonder. And I wish you and your company all the very best for a very bright future!

Yours Truly

Dr Deepak Kaikini

February 2008

We  have been using your WaterMaker  at home and are very happy with it. The concept is brilliant and I for one would not hesitate to recommend this machine for quality drinking water.

Rajiv Kumar
August 2007

We are satisfied with the quality and quantity of water from our 3 machines. If need we would definitely buy more as they are true value goods.

Sumeet Ajitsaria
Laminators India
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