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Stories Of Violence And Murder Emerge As India's Interiors Grapple With Water Shortages

Last week, Reuters published a comprehensive account detailing how India's increasing water troubles are exacerbating an already tense situation.

As northern and central India continue to suffer through severe drought and oppressive heat, police in Bundelkhand and several other regions are reporting a rise in violent—and often deadly—clashes over water, says the article. After almost 10 years of below-average rainfall and several consecutive years of drought, the region's rivers, lakes, reservoirs and wells are drying up.

While disputes are common place in regions of the country that face crippling water shortages, recent police reports suggest that it is becoming more sinister—neighbours, friends and family are turning on each other, desperate to protect what little water they have left.

Take the case of sisters Imrat and Pushpa from the parched Chattarpur district of Bundelkhand.

The Reuters report states: Both relied on the same well for water and, according to police, frequently quarrelled over how much the other was using. In May, during one fight over water, Pushpa, 42, beat Imrat, 48, with a stick, police say. The injured sister was rushed to a hospital, but died there, and Pushpa was charged with murder.

Read the full story here courtesy Thomson Reuters Foundation

Image source: Hindustan Times (representational only)
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