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Rains May Have Arrived, But India Still Grapples With Water Troubles

Uttar Pradesh's Gangnauli village has plenty of water. Sadly, it is all contaminated. The World Resources Institute claims, that in India, over 130 million people live in areas where groundwater supplies are contaminated with at least one dangerous pollutant such as arsenic or nitrate.

In a Hindustan Times article, researcher Sushmita Sengupta said, "Once the groundwater is contaminated it's an almost irreversible process. Once it's destroyed it's lost forever," said Sengupta, of the Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment.

"The children complain of stomach pains and skin problems and I fear for their health," says Gangnauli resident Divya Rathi.

Meanwhile, Rajendra Singh, dubbed the Water Man of India, said rains will fail to replenish the water table in many areas because unchecked urbanisation has destroyed wetlands and other natural recharge spots. "There is not enough drinkable water for the Indian people. Without water security there is nothing," he said.

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