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WaterMaker on Colombian TV

Dr. Juan Carlos Zambrano of AquaPlus, Colombia, our customer through a distribution partnership with Quest Water Solutions of Canada showcased the WEPS WaterMaker WM-120 on Global National News in Colombia. The excellent coverage, together with National Radio exposure, is generating a great deal of interest in our solution of making safe drinking water from air.

Click here to view the video

WaterMakers have been sent to Kerala

November 2018

WaterMakers have been sent to Kerala for use by the local authorities. Drinking water quality suffered immensely after the floods in 2018.

WaterMakers installed at residences in Chennai

October 2018

WaterMakers are being installed at residences in Chennai. More and more individuals are using water from air for their drinking and cooking requirements.

School in Tamil Nadu has been donated a WaterMaker

September 2018

A School in Tamil Nadu has been donated a WaterMaker by a company as part of its CSR activities. Now the students can drink safe and clean water from air!

WaterMaker exported to Colombia

August 2018

WaterMaker exported a few models to Colombia. They are presently undergoing test runs at various locations.

Alibaug School gets a WaterMaker

25th June 2018

School children at Babasaheb Najare High School and Junior College at Awas, Alibaug can now drink safe and clean water from air thanks to a philanthropist. The WaterMaker was installed recently at the school to educate the students on water conservation as this technology requires no water source. They were absolutely thrilled and proud that their school would be the first in the area to have such a magical technology!

WaterMaker receives great response at AIAI & WTC Mumbai Expo

22nd November 2017

WaterMaker recently participated at the AIAI (All India Association of Industries) and World Trade Centre (WTC) Mumbai's World Trade Expo (WTE) 2017 on November 16 - 17, 2017 at the Expo Center, World Trade Centre Mumbai. The WTE 2017 was an unique event that provided members of trade and industry a platform for interaction to gain more information as well as assistance for engaging and enhancing their trade with 35 participating countries and 5 States. WaterMaker's atmospheric generators created a great deal of interest and resulted in many business opportunities.

The stand alone decentralised units require no water source, providing safe drinking water from air to factories, clinics, offices, hospitals and more.

Kollam Corporation now gets ‘water from air’ thanks to WaterMaker’s distributor in Kerala

16th September 2017

The Kollam Corporation has installed the first-ever WATERMAKER ‘atmospheric water generator’ in their office in Kollam district of Kerala. The staff will never feel thirsty again. They now have clean and safe drinking water produced from thin air thanks to it being donated by Green Gate Enterprises, the sole distributor of WaterMaker (India) Pvt Ltd in the state. The machine has a capacity to produce 120 litres of water per day.

“The WaterMaker is an answer to the acute drinking water crisis that may face us in future. The machine that produces the purest form of drinking water will also purify the surrounding air. It is available in capacities of 120, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000 litres,” says Mr. Sethu Sunderlal, Managing Director of Green Gate Enterprises. “General purpose WaterMakers are also available for small irrigation and non purified water uses,” he added.

Click here to view the video - WaterMaker at Kollam Corporation.

Celebrating 8 years of providing safe drinking water from air at Jalimudi, Andhra Pradesh

February 2017

“First time I have seen a Private company that talks about social responsibility and does that in action also. God Bless you in all you projects to provide clean water for good people.”

Nagarajan S,
Salem, Tamil Nadu

WaterMaker Demo at Kameshwaram, Tamil Nadu to Panchayat Heads

26 August 2016

MLAs discussing the technology
 Demonstrating the WM 120
MLAs discussing the technology Demonstrating the WM 120

WaterMaker demonstrated the WM 120 atmospheric water generator to local MLAs 15 heads of Panchayats from villages around the coastal model village of Kameshwaram, Tamil Nadu. Specially invited by Friend in Need India set up by Professor Shyama V. Ramani, an academic social entrepreneur, serving the academic community, the practitioners’ world, and citizens at large, especially students – to build WASH (safe water and waste water). The villagers were thrilled to see clean and fresh water being produced from air. We look forward to providing safe and clean drinking water to them soon!

Celebrating 7 years of our Jalimudi Air Water Station

February 2016

We celebrated 7 years of setting up the Air Water Station at Jalimudi providing safe drinking water to over 500 villagers of Jalimudi. Set up in 2009 as part of our social responsibility program, in cooperation with the local Panchayat and Government, the villagers have greatly benefitted health wise and time wise to have safe water at their doorstep.

The Better India Interview “Can Drinking Water Be Produced from Thin Air? Yes, and It Is Happening Right Here in India!” brings over 100 inquires

December 2015

The article was picked up by Yahoo and some of the encouraging feedback received:

“Nice to see this achievement on Yahoo news..
Congratulations & God bless the project.”


“You are doing a great job. What a unique technology! Hope the government looks at it seriously. India will need much more water in future and this could be one of the solutions. Kudos!”
Sanjeev Jain

Click here to read The Better India article: http://www.thebetterindia.com/29867/drinking-water-from-air-watermaker/

Gandhigram Air Water Station exceeds water production

24 September 2015

The 2000 litre per day WaterMaker Air Water Station set up recently in Gandhigram village in Mandvi Taluka, Kutch, Gujarat has surpassed expectations. The local Pani Samhiti expressed it satisfaction:"This is to advise you that the plant is working well and presently producing 2400 litres of clean drinking water per day on average, though its capacity is rated at 2000 litres." The villagers are thrilled – "we no longer have to worry about drinking polluted water which makes us sick. We also save on medicine costs," said one of the villagers.

WaterMaker Air Water Station now in Gandhigram, Gujarat

29th April 2015


Gandhigram, a progressive village in Mandvi Taluka, Kutch, is the first in Gujarat to obtain pure drinking water from the air. The project was introduced at Gandhigram on April 29th 2015 amidst a great deal of excitement and interest.

The pilot project was initiated by the local water authorities, the villagers of Gandhigram and ACAP Impex, the exclusive distributors for WaterMaker in Gujarat. The 500 odd inhabitants now have a new source of pure drinking water generated by WaterMaker atmospheric water generators which extract humidity from the atmosphere, condense, purify and dispense it in the form of safe drinking water. Gandhigram's WaterMaker Air Water Station consists of 2 machines of 1000 liters, totally generating 2000 liters per day.

Gandhigram has become the second village in the world to provide atmospheric water to its inhabitants, the first one being Jalimudi village in Andhra Pradesh set up by WaterMaker in 2009.

"We are extremely grateful to the local officials and the villagers of Gandhigram for their pioneering spirit, whole hearted cooperation and dedication in making this project possible," states Meher Bhandara, Director, WaterMaker India. "We look forward to more such projects wherever clean water is in short supply."

This exciting 'WaterMaker Air Water Station' installation will be the second of many as the word gets out and around of the amazing technology and its factual application to real use. The unique water machines will now sustain the lives of the locals, and provide a real solution for their safe drinking water needs.

"Interest is high, and requests for information on how it can be duplicated or adapted in other areas of India and the world, are coming to us on an ever increasing basis." says Meher Bhandara, Director, WaterMaker India. "Many more installations are needed to prevent water borne diseases which affect thousands every day. We appeal to business organizations to use part of their CSR funds, NGOs and State Governments to provide clean and safe drinking water to the people who need it the most."

WaterMaker presents AWG technology at Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation Workshop/Exhibition

27th August 2014

WaterMaker was invited to present its innovative atmospheric water technology at a workshop cum exhibition on Innovation Technology for Sanitation and Quality Drinking Water in Rural Areas organized by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS). The event was held in New Delhi from 26 – 27 August at the NDMC Convention Centre. The event was inaugurated by Shri Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister, MDWS, Government of India. State Ministers, Secretaries and high level decision makers from all the States were present.

Shailesh Masurekar, General Manager presented the technology with special reference to the WaterMaker Atmospheric Water Station which has been providing safe drinking water to the villagers of Jalimudi village since the last 5 years. Participants marveled at the technology and loved the fresh taste of water from the WaterMaker atmospheric water generator demonstrated at the exhibition.

“We are proud to be part of India’s development plans to provide clean drinking water in the rural areas. Our technology created a great deal of interest,” said Homi Katgara, Director WaterMaker who attended the event. “We look forward to installing many Atmospheric Water Stations in the rural areas where there is water scarcity and ground water contamination, in partnership with the State Governments, NGOs and other international development bodies.”

WaterMaker installed at night library in Mumbai

14th August 2014

As part of its CSR activities, a company in Mumbai has installed WaterMaker AWGs at night libraries in Mumbai to provide safe drinking water from air to students who often spend nights studying there.

“We are amazed by this unique technology” said Ramesh, a college student, “it is so convenient for us to get free clean drinking water here.”

Eureka Forbes collaborates with WaterMaker to promote AWGs on a large scale

5th July 2014

WaterMaker is pleased to announce a collaboration with well known Eureka Forbes to promote and sell its unique atmospheric water generators on a large scale in India, Africa and the Middle East under the Aquaguard brand. Eureka Forbes is the leading manufacturer of water and air purifiers in India. WETEX

On 4th July 2014, Eureka Forbes commenced with a month long consumer awareness road show in Mumbai. Perched atop a canter was our WaterMaker, the size of a small refrigerator which dispensed safe clean drinking water from the atmosphere to hundreds of thirsty people at strategic locations in Mumbai. It created a great deal of interest and excitement.

A.V. Suresh, CEO ForbesPro, the institutional business segment of Eureka Forbes and President International Sales, said, "We will commercially roll out the WaterMaker in schools, colleges, hospitals, offices complexes, factories, etc, in the coastal belt cities like Mumbai and Kolkata soon."

Meher Bhandara, Director, WaterMaker India said, "We are very pleased with this important strategic development and look forward to being closely associated with Eureka Forbes to provide safe and clean drinking water in water stressed or water contaminated areas using this amazing technology, that requires no water source."

WaterMaker to dispatch more AWGs to Latin America
27th August 2013

The 110v/60 hz 250 liter, 500 liter and WM 1000 models are being shipped out to Latin America.
With these models now being made available through our Distributor in this area, more orders are likely to follow shortly.
Jalimudi celebrates 5th Anniversary of Atmospheric Water Station set up by WaterMaker
20th February 2014

The village of Jalimudi celebrated its 5th Anniversary of the installation of its Atmospheric Water Station which was inaugurated on 17th February 2009. The large AWG has been delivering clean, fresh and safe drinking water for five years to over 600 inhabitants. Today, the women and children benefit by having time for more productive activities than fetching drinking water from miles away. More importantly, medical expenses on water borne diseases have reduced and man hours wasted due to illness, saved.

“With almost no hitch in water output, regular servicing and maintenance of the AWG by a trained local person, and smooth functioning of the AWG, the proof of WaterMaker India's product and advanced technology is evident. Jalimudi has become the showpiece of a clean drinking water solution for rural areas that lack safe drinking water” says Meher Bhandara, Director.
WaterMaker now available in Thailand
20th January 2013

All models of WaterMaker AWGs are now available in Thailand through its Distributor. “With this foray into the South East Asia market, we are now identifying distributers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Phillipines” says Meher Bhandara, Director.

1st order received from Latin America
15th June 2012

WaterMaker India received the 1st order from one of its representatives in Latin America for large Atmospheric Water Generators. WaterMaker is now on track with its global strategy to supply clean safe drinking water in more areas of the world.

WaterMaker develops 110v/60hz models of WM 120 for North & South America markets
10th January 2012

After almost a year spent in research and development, WaterMaker India offers state of the art 110 v/60 hz models of its WM 120 model which makes 120 liters of pure clean drinking water from air. The AWGs are manufactured in Mumbai adhering to the strictest international quality standards, for the North and South American markets. "With this new development, WaterMaker will expand its presence in these areas. The company is now identifying strong Distributors in each country so that more people living in areas which have water scarcity or ground water contamination can benefit health wise" says Pallan Katgara, Director.
WaterMaker Wows at Chennai ICE Expo
Mumbai, August 2010

At the recent 15 day ICE Expo at Chennai, WaterMaker stole the show with its amazing range of air to water generators. Chennai, which suffers a periodic shortage of water due to which its citizens purchase drinking water bottles and jars, was the venue of one of India’s most popular consumer shows. 

Over 2000 people visited our pavilion, were amazed at the technology and tasted the water. Here are some recorded comments:

“Great for home and office use,” “Good technology,” “Excellent idea combined with simple technology,” “Amazing and absolutely Green!,” “Ideal for modern world,” “Superb! I want one,” “Best tasting water I have ever had in Chennai,” “Hats off to you for this innovative concept,” “Convenient to use, easy to maintain, safe to drink – You have a winner!”

WaterMaker India looks forward to serving the drinking water needs of Chennai. It has appointed dealers in Chennai to cater to the growing demand for WaterMakers.

WaterMaker participates at WETEX - Dubai
Mumbai, March 2010

WETEXWaterMaker created a stir at the WETEX 2010 held in Dubai from 9 – 11 March. The concept of water from air received a giant boost, with over 300 visitors to the attractive stall which displayed a range of Water Maker’s latest atmospheric water generators. The event provided the perfect platform to meet and interact with decision makers from the Middle East and other countries, sharing the latest developments in the water, energy and environment sector. Prospective customers and distributors are now eager to establish WaterMaker products in the region.
WaterMaker at International Boat Show
Mumbai, Feb 2010

WaterMaker India recently participated in the Mumbai International Boat Show spread over 10,000 sqm. at the Bandra-Kurla Complex.

It gave exhibitors, sponsors and all associated with the Boat Show a platform on which to mingle. It was an excellent networking opportunity for WaterMaker India to showcase its range of atmospheric water generators, including a marine model which attracted a great deal of interest.
WaterMaker India complies with European Standards for CE Certification.
Mumbai,  29 Sept ’09

In tune with our focus on quality products that provide value to our customers, WaterMaker (India ) Pvt Ltd has been assessed  successfully and found to be complying with European directives and applicable standards. WaterMaker India plans to access more global markets in the near future, expanding its distributor network internationally and providing safe drinking water to more people.

Jalimudi project inaugurated on 17th Feb by Hon Shri Chitturi  Ravindra, MLA. Over 350 villagers celebrate.
February 20th, 2009 - Mumbai

The world’s first village Air Water/ WaterMaker Atmospheric Water Station was inaugurated with much joy and fanfare on 17th Feb at Jalimudi. A procession of celebrating villagers, headed by Hon. Shri Chitturi Ravindra, MLA, Burugupudi and senior Govt officials came to the project site where a huge colorful tent was set up. At the inauguration,  Shri Chitturi Ravindra,MLA, Burugupudi said, “This water station will combat drinking water problems of the villagers. As many as 600 people will get crystal clear, purified quality water because of this project.” He thanked Air Water Corp and WaterMaker India for setting up the project at remote Jalimudi.

Inaugration Pic

The inauguration ceremony lasted for almost 2 hours.The villagers were thrilled to have this miracle machine in their village and called it  “ God’s gift from heaven.”  Over 12 TV channels and 14 press publications covered the event, tasted the water and asked numerous questions. Interviews were taken and aired on TV. 

Pallan Katgara, President, WaterMaker India , thanked Shri Chitturi Ravindra  and the local authorities for their enthusiasm and total cooperation in setting up the Water Station. “This is a historic day for us all, and for the global water supply industry. With this effort we have shown India and the world that providing clean drinking water from air   to rural communities anywhere in the world is a definite option.” he said. We are very excited to will work closely with Air Water Corp on more such projects.
Inaugration Pic
“We are extremely proud that Jalimudi, in Andhra Pradesh , India, is the first village in the world to have atmospheric drinking water. I believe this project will lead to many more   such installations. It was reward enough to see the amazement and delight with which our project was inaugurated,” said Meher Bhandara, Director, WaterMaker India.
Over half million viewers watch  video of world’s first village atmospheric water station.
February 18th, 2009 - Mumbai

Over 500,000 international viewers have watched the video of the Jalimudi village Water Station project on You Tube or the company’s website. The video is currently #6 Most Viewed  (this month) video in the Science & Technology section.  “We are amazed to see the unending global exposure we have received on this project.

This goes to show that more and more people are interested in this proven technology. As world leaders in this innovative water delivery, we believe this pioneering project will lead to many more in areas that require clean safe drinking water the most, benefiting thousands of people worldwide.” Said Pallan Katgara, President, WaterMaker India.

Video of the project can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzAkc6otyGI
WaterMaker (India) Pvt  Ltd and Air Water Corporation set  Feb 17th , 2009 as the official Launch Date for the Jalimudi Water Station
January 29th, 2009
Jalimudi Village InagurationWatermaker (India) Pvt Limited, the Licensee of Air Water Corporation, USA, announced February 17th, 2009 as the official launch date for the " Air Water/WaterMaker Water Station at Jalimudi , Andhra Pradesh, India. The inauguration event will be held in the presence of the Honorable Sri Chitturi Ravindra, MLA, Burugupudi

The Jalimudi Water Station is the first of its kind in the world and is drawing major attention with thousands of hits to the company's web site to view the short video detailing the project and its major impact on the local villagers.

Michael Zwebner, President of Air Water Corp stated: "We are making history. This Water Station is now real and in effect, and the local inhabitants of Jalimudi have immediate and constant access to clean clear and pure water 24/7.”

This exciting 'Jalimudi - Air Water Station' development will be the first of many as the word gets out and around of the amazing technology and its factual application to real use. The unique water machines will now sustain the lives of the locals, and provide a real solution for the water needs of all the local inhabitants.

“Interest is high, and requests for information on how it can be duplicated or adapted in other areas of the world, are coming to us on an ever increasing basis." says Meher Bhandara, Director, WaterMaker India. Jalimudi Water Station. For the villagers of Jalimudi village in Seethanagaram Mandal, of East Godavari Dist in the State of Andhra Pradesh, it is a historic event. They are getting water from the air thanks to modern day technology. Jalimudi is the first village in the world to have a sustained water supply that is not from the sea, river, lake, pipeline, well, or transported by water tankers and trucks.

Video of the project can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzAkc6otyGI and also on the company's website www.watermakerindia.com/project.php


Airwater/WaterMaker Water Station set up in Jalimudi
Mumbai 12th Jan 2009
The new year will soon bring an ample supply of safe drinking water to the village of Jalimudi. WaterMaker India installed the AW1000 atmospheric water generator recently at the specially constructed Water Station at Jalimudi. The WaterMaker team was welcomed by the local authorities and villagers. The smiles on their faces when clean drinking water miraculously gushed out of the taps made our 6 month efforts truly rewarding..
Meeting with Mr Srinivasa Rao
  The Jalimudi Water Station

Directors Pallan Katgara and Meher Bhandara, met Mr. Srinivasa Rao,  Executive Engineer,  RWS for discussions and paid a courtesy call on Mr. Gopalkrishna Dwivedi, Collector Kakinada, who was delighted that the Water Station would soon be inaugurated.


The pilot project is presently undergoing trials, and safe drinking will soon be available to the village of Jalimudi.

Meeting with Mr Srinivasa Rao
  Directors meet Mr. S. Rao
World’s first village to receive sustained drinking water supply from air. Air to Water machine for Jalimudi Village ready for installation
Mumbai, Monday 10th Nov. 2008

For the villagers of Jalimudi a small village in Andhra Pradesh, it will be a historic event. They are soon going to get water from the air thanks to modern day technology. Jalimudi will be the first village in the world to have a sustained water supply that is not from the sea, river, lake, pipeline or borewell, or transported by water tankers and trucks.

The specially designed Air to Water machine and is about to turn on the taps and set into motion a whole new concept in the provision of clean clear and purified water extracted from the air. The machine has now arrived in India and will be installed soon at Jalimudi.

“In India, we are now making history” says Michael Zwebner, President &. CEO of Air Water Corp.   “Thanks to the years of research we have invested in, this exciting new technology and its truly global application is set to change the way many people worldwide will have access to water.”

“We are extremely grateful to the officials of East Godavari District for their pioneering spirit, whole hearted cooperation and dedication in making this project possible.” states Meher Bhandara, Director, WaterMaker India. “We look forward to more such projects wherever clean water is in short supply”.
World Exclusive: AirWater Corporation & WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. Begin Pilot Project With the Government of India and Are Set to Launch the World's First AirWater Village Sustenance Program at Jalimudi Village in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India
Miami Beach, FL and Mumbai, INDIA. June 27, 2008

AirWater International Corporation's (PINKSHEETS: AWTI) subsidiary AirWater Corporation, in association with their exclusive licensee WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. of Mumbai, India, jointly announce the imminent launch of the world's first AirWater Village Sustenance Program that will be located at the Jalimudi Village in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. The village currently has about 600 inhabitants.

The program will entail the installation of a large AW-1000 air to water machine as well as the provision of water tanks and a dispensing station able to provide on a continuing long-term basis thousands of liters of fresh clean and pure drinking water to the local inhabitants.

Company President Michael Zwebner and Pallan Katgara, President of WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd., confirm that both companies have entered into an understanding for this first installation of its kind in the world.

In a statement, Mr. Katgara said: "This is truly the most innovative and outstanding accomplishment in the field of provision of fresh drinking water to the village inhabitants. Our joint program, coupled with the co-operation and commitments made will provide a steady, clean, clear and pure supply of life sustaining drinking water to a village in India with over 600 inhabitants that have only known suffering in the past in having to search, collect and carry life's basic need of drinking water, sometimes for hours every day.

Our new technology, and its most unique application is a ground breaking and history making program and we are proud to work with Michael Zwebner and his group in having orchestrated this unique program."

The official launch date as well as the programs progress will be announced shortly.
Launch of the New AW 2200 (The Collector)
Mumbai, 15 June 2008

Launch of the New AW 2200 (The Collector) WaterMaker India announced the launch of the new AW 2200M, the latest and largest model of air to water machines introduced by its principals, Air Water Corporation. It has been developed specially for mobile /on site water supplies for emergency and disaster relief, use by the defense forces, construction sites or any place that requires immediate supply of fresh clean drinking water.

Says Meher Bhandara, Director WaterMaker India, " We are seeing a rapid growth in the world market for air to water producing machines, and we believe Air Water Corp is the established market leader in both manufacturing and marketing. The AW 2200M is a world class machine, developed after many years of R&D, and will make its mark with our customers."
Now, air to water machines for the petroleum industry
Mumbai, April 2008

petroleum industryThe petroleum industry can now look forward to specially enhanced air to water machines and systems to provide clean filtered drinking water in oilfields, on oil rigs offshore and on land. These machines have been launched recently, after several months of engineering, incorporating the use of highly enhanced air filtering technology, to keep the sand and dust out of the intake system. Available in various sizes and models, these new high tech products are already in use in Abu Dhabi, on test for several months. Some have been created to specifications for the urposes of refilling oil wells after extraction; machines are custom built for the environment.

Having a large Air Water machine, of 1000 litres plus on board an offshore oil rig is a complete revolution to known and established water supply systems. There is no desalination, no RO, no boat/helicopter supplies. In fact, once installed, the machines just extract water from the moisture and humidity in the air, constantly producing safe drinking water.
WaterMaker India offers new disaster relief option for distribution of clean drinking water.
Mumbai, March 5 2008.

disaster relief WaterMaker India can now offer a new range of air to water machines specifically earmarked for the disaster relief/ emergency preparedness industry, NGOs and Governmental departments that  have to deal with supply of clean drinking water to people affected by disasters. Relief givers are currently obtaining and supplying drinking water to affected areas using conventional methods. The new designs of machines are also available in mobile form, and can be taken from place to place as required. They can be installed on a temporary or permanent basis. Water distribution is possible through pipes, dispensers, water bags, pouches, cans etc. The WaterMakers need a power source and the right temperature and humidity conditions for rated output. No more logistics and storage and distribution problems!
WaterMaker India offers unique Water Cooler with Ice MakerMumbai,

Tuesday 19th June 2007

Water Cooler with Ice Maker To complement its unique air to water machines, WaterMaker India's principals, Atmospheric Water Technologies  Inc have developed the world’s first unique water cooler combined with a built- in icemaker.

Continuing to work to develop unique products and systems to further enhance their position in the world marketplace, the company has expanded its product range to further satisfy the demands of its international distributors and clients. This water cooler offering both hot and cold water plus ice, will fill a niche market worldwide.

“These coolers will be most practical for offices, factories , hospitals, schools, in fact any place where there are multiple users, as they can be hooked on to our large water generating machines,” says Meher Bhandara, Director, Watermaker India.








WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd concludes US$ 2.5 million sale of Air to Water machines for the African market. Contract is for 50 plus containers of Air to Water Machines
Mumbai, Wed 28th March 2007

WaterMaker (India) Pvt Limited, through its distributors WaterMaker Africa have concluded a $2.5 Million sale of Air to Water Machines for the African Market. The contract with Universal Communications Systems Inc subsidiary Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. calls for 50 plus containers of machines to be shipped to a number of countries around Africa, commencing in April, and concluding in August 2007.

In a statement released today, Mr. Zwebner, company president, Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. stated : "This is the breakthrough that we have been working for, and have finally accomplished. Our Air to Water machines and systems are now recognized as great products with great market applications. More and more customers are coming to buy these machines for the solutions they bring to many needy areas and people.

Our range of machines are making water for a variety of uses, including such applications as the military using the distilled water for topping up car batteries, hospitals using the water for operating rooms, drilling and mining companies using our machines up to 100 feet underground, etc. We are now more confident than ever of the growing needs for our machines worldwide, and will strive to continue to grow our market and market share on a global basis. "

In a statement made in Mumbai, WaterMaker( India) Pvt Limited, President Pallan Katgara stated. "This is an important milestone in the Air to Water business. Our distributor network is growing and we are receiving more and more enquiries and orders from institutional and retail buyers from all parts of the world , including India . This is the future of pure drinking water !"
WaterMaker India's participation at Water Today's Water Expo 2006,
Chennai, 14-16 Sept.

WaterMaker India participated at Water Today's Water Expo 2006, the International Water event in Chennai. A great deal of interest was generated at the show for our latest range of air water machines, which were displayed and demonstrated. Visitors tasted the refreshing, cool water and learnt the benefits of installing our machines at homes and offices. Distributors and dealers from all over India evinced keen interest and WaterMaker India will shortly announce their appointments in key cities. Large orders are expected for the SOHO as well as the larger machines.
WaterMaker India receives South African order for large units worth over US$ 250,000 South African army to conduct Military Tests and Product Evaluation
Mumbai, 21st August 2006.

WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Limited has secured a new order from their South African distributors for a range of large Air Water machines, including models of the AW 1000M - Mobile unit, with a value in excess of $0.25 Million. One of these AW 1000M - Mobile units is earmarked for tests and evaluation by the South African Army.

Michael Zwebner, President of Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. stated: "Once again, we are pleased to announce this new breakthrough in sales for our unique and proven range of large Air to Water machines. This major sale includes units of the AW40, AW 120, AW 250, AW 500 and the AW 1000. In addition, we have sold one model of the now acclaimed AW 1000M, and a further unit is being supplied on a 90 day consignment basis for the South African Army to test and evaluate."

Mr. Pallan Katgara, Director WaterMaker India said, "This is a major breakthrough for our sales efforts. Almost half the order will be air freighted to South Africa at the end of this month. Together with their local distributors, and other local agents throughout the continent, WaterMaker India is continuing to develop new markets for Air Water Machines all over Africa."
WaterMaker India secures new orders for African markets worth US$ 0.5 million Mumbai,
Wednesday 21 June 2006.

WaterMaker India has received a new large order from their African licensee for 10 x 20 foot containers totaling about $500,000 in value for SOHO machines, all destined for new African markets.

The company is making a major effort to introduce air to water machines to all African markets and is continuing its program of marketing and distributing these machines. Africa with its lack of clean drinkable water is a prime market and distributors are now working in full force to import and distribute machines to all markets.

The level of interest for the larger AW machines, is also growing, announcements in that regard will be made soon.
WaterMaker (India) Pvt Limited and Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. Hand Over the AW-1000M to the Indian Armed Forces; Military to Conduct Extensive Trials The AW-1000M Out Does Itself and Made Almost Double the Amount of Water That It Was Designed For.
Mumbai 5 May 06

Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. together with Indian Licensee WaterMaker (India) Pvt Limited hand over the keys to the world's first and only Mobile Air Water Trailer Mounted AW-1000M WaterMaker.

Michael Zwebner President and CEO, Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. announced: "This delivery of the new mobile AW-1000M to the Indian Army follows some 8 months of research and development and has created a new milestone in the company's growth. We are now set to work with the military to ensure the trials will be successful and that the machine will perform to expectations and more. So far, we are ecstatic with the machine's performance and are excited about the future possibilities.

In just the first few hours of switching it on at the premises of the World Trade Center in Mumbai, India we achieved water production levels previously unheard of. From just 7pm the night before to 11am on Tuesday in normal Indian weather conditions, the machine produced over 900 liters of water. The machine's unique and high tech design was to make about 1,000 per 24-hour period. Indications are that if the trials are successful, the military could be looking to order such machines in large numbers. We stand ready to meet this challenge."
International Air Water Association (IAWA) created at the World's First International Air Water Conference at the Hilton Hotel in Mumbai, India
Mumbai 5 May 2006

Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. together with Indian Licensee WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Limited, successfully concluded the world's First International Air Water Conference that commenced on April 30th and ended May 2nd. Michael Zwebner, President of Atmospheric Water Technologies Inc. today announced: "24 Delegates representing individuals and companies all in the Air Water businesses and operating in some 40 countries worldwide assembled in Mumbai for this new and unique event of its kind. We conducted some 3 days of meetings, all of which were very fruitful, covering many subjects such as technology, new products, manufacturing processes, as well as the formation and agreement on important industry standards.

All the attendees then agreed to create the 'International Air Water Association' (IAWA) -- an independent and unaffiliated industry body to accept membership from individuals and corporations from all over the world, to join this ever growing new 'water from air industry.' In addition, the new organization will form 'rules of procedures and conduct' and will establish self regulating 'codes of conduct' as well as secure mutual agreements on technology and safety issues."

A founding committee of 7 director/members was elected, and directives were agreed to further establish the association and offer global membership to all wishing to join. Further details will be announced as they occur.
1st International Air Water Conference in Mumbai, India
Mumbai April 25, 2006

The 1st International Air Water Conference will take place at the Hilton Towers, Mumbai, India from 30th April through 2nd May, 2006. Distributors of Air Water Corp/ Atmospheric Water Technologies Inc. from over 20 countries will be attending the conference.

A Business Session and a Press Conference will be addressed by Michael Zwebner, President and CEO, Air Water Corp/Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. USA, on Tuesday 2nd May at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai. The world's first AW1000M AIr Water mobile unit and the ingenious new water-making refrigerators will be unveiled and demonstrated at the event.

WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd , the exclusive licensee in India, looks forward to welcoming all the delegates to Mumbai.
WaterMaker India and Atmospheric Water Technologies Inc. to hand over Air Water Machine for Indian Army
Mumbai April 03, 2006

WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. announced the completion of a special project for the Indian Army by Atmospheric Water Technologies Inc. which has designed and built a first of its kind custom made unique new AW - 1000M machine for the Indian Army. The AW - 1000M machine has been shipped to India to undergo stringent military style field testing. It will be delivered to WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd, its Indian Licensee, for further delivery to the Indian Army in May, 2006. The Indian Army has expressed interest in obtaining several more such Air to Water machines in the future, subject to successful evaluation tests.

Larger sized air to water machines can either be site located or trailer mounted allowing for easy and fast transportation for immediate deployment in case of war and or other emergencies worldwide.

WaterMaker India at Water Asia 2005
New Delhi 13-15 September 2005

WaterMaker/Air Water atmospheric water generating machines exhibited at the recent Water Asia 2005 event in Delhi created a great deal of interest amongst co-exhibitors and visitors. The Air Water team led by Michael Zwebner President and CEO,flew in specially from US and Israel for the event., as did the WaterMaker team from India.

Machines exhibited were the SOHO (28 litres) , the WM 250 for larger capacities along with a pouching machine, the WaterMaker - cum ice maker, the WM 120 and the Indian made model WM-5070 & WM-70.
There were dealers and distributors from all over India keen to tie up commercially with WaterMaker India as well as institutional buyers and individuals. An interesting comment that deserves mention was "This is a very good example of optimum utilisation of resources" from a visitor, Pankaj Mukreja. Orders were also booked at the event.

New Delhi New Delhi   New Delhi   New Delhi
Interested visitors at our stall. The 250 ltr. demo machine and the pouching machine on display.   Michael Zwebner, President & CEO, Air Water Corp. / Atmospheric Water Technology Inc., addressing the delegates.   Visitors tasting the water.
The World's Most Versatile Air to Water Machine
Tuesday 13 Sept, 2005

WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. / Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. USA will be participating at the 6th Water Asia 2005 Conference and Exhibition in Asian Water Industry from Sept 13 -15, 2005 at Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

On display will be unique air to water machines that provide high quality drinking water by extracting water from natural air. This innovative technology is now available in India for the first time and units of varying outputs are now being manufactured in India. WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive licensee to sell, market, manufacture and distribute the complete range of machines, systems and appertaining technologies.

Mr. Michael Zwebner, President & CEO, Atmospheric Water Technology Inc., USA will be a guest speaker on the session on 13th Sept.

He said, "Water, which is already a scarce resource will become even more scarce, and it is important to develop non-conventional methods of sourcing water. India is a very important market for us and one in which we continue to invest heavily. Having our machines manufactured here puts us in a dominant position and WaterMaker India are already executing export orders for global markets. Orders are also under process for the Indian market.

The WaterMaker machines are patented products and all equipment for extracting water from air has UN classification under UN Code 181100. The machines complete nature's distillation process by capturing water vapor before it touches the earth. They provide a localized source of pure drinking water and do not require an external water source, pipes or catch basins. All they require is electricity or alternate power sources to condense, collect, filter and dispense crystal clear potable water. The system includes the water plant, filtration panel, holding tank and dispenser.

The WaterMaker is ideal for homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, residential / commercial buildings, farmhouses, bottling plants, off shore drilling companies, defense forces, campuses, airports and industries that require pure water generation. Some machines are also portable and are ideal for use in emergencies.

WaterMaker / Air Water machines are being utilized in Israel, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Australia already.

Cost of the WaterMaker depends on several factors based on water generation requirements per day, energy source, dispensing requirements, daily temperature and humidity levels. Maintenance costs are not heavy. There is no cost of raw material since the air we breathe is free!

Mr. Pallan Katgara, Director, WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. is very excited about the immense potential for these unique machines. He says "In a country like ours, where villagers have to walk miles to get water, and people have to rely on water tankers and other sources of water, our WaterMaker machines provide a solution to immediate needs of drinking water."

By manufacturing the air - water machines in India, WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. is able to achieve huge cost savings which will be passed on to customers. Their goal of providing clean potable water is now one step closer. WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. is in the process of appointing distributors all over India. WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. can be contacted at stall no. C 1, hall no. 7, where a range of air - water machines will be on display.
Regd. Office: WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd., Jeena House, Plot No. 170, Om Nagar, Off Pipe Line Road, Andheri (East),
Mumbai – 400 099.
Email: info@watermakerindia.com
Website: www.watermakerindia.com

About WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd.
: Appointed sole licensee in India by Atmospheric Water Technology Inc., which are both subsidiaries of Universal Communication Systems, Inc., USA. This company is owned by a part of the Katgara business group, which owns the over 107 year old Jeena & Company, a leader in global logistics.

Atmospheric Water Technology Inc. based in Florida, USA are wholly owned subsidiaries of Universal Communication Systems Inc., a publicly traded company on the OTC BB markets operating under the symbol UCSY.
WaterMaker India orders 126 SOHO Machines
Mumbai Jul 25, 2005

WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. has ordered 126 Air to Water "SOHO" style machines from Atmospheric Water Technologies Inc for the India Market. The machines will be made at the company's manufacturing facilities in China for the Indian Market. Company Director Pallan Katgara stated: " We continue to see positive growth in sales of these machines. We will now open up India's huge consumer market for our machines.
WaterMaker India issues important order from BSF
Mumbai Jul 22, 2005

WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. announced this week that it has secured a first important order for locally manufactured "WM 50-75" Air to Water machines from the Indian Government Border Security Forces. This is a new milestone in the company's ongoing progress. After having successfully demonstrated the air to water technology to the Indian Government the company is supplying its locally made machines to the Border Security Forces. Once the initial delivery is concluded, and trials are made, large additional orders for the unique machines are expected. WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd, is making very good progress in marketing its range of Air to Water machines and sales continue to grow in this expanding new market.
WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Limited Launches First Water Generator Model Made In India Factory Set To Manufacture 200 Machines Daily Mumbai, India,
Tue. 31st May 2005

Tue. 31st May 2005WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. the licensee of Universal Communications Systems Inc. subsidiary Atmospheric Water Technologies Inc., has finalised the design and completed the first run production of the new WM 5075 water generator machines in India. The company plans to immediately start marketing these machines both in the local marketplace and internationally for export.

Pallan Katgara,
Director, WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. said today "By manufacturing the atmospheric water generators in India, we are now able to achieve huge cost savings which will be passed on to our customers. Our goal of providing pure clean drinking water to the areas of India that have no access to clean water is one step closer, with easy availability of the equipment in India.

We are pleased to receive our first export order today and look forward to providing countries round the world with a well designed and competitively priced product."

Michael J. Zwebner, President, Universal Communication Systems Inc. (OTC B: USCY) subsidiary Atmospheric Water Technologies Inc. stated today : "We are very pleased with the performance of our Indian Licensee. They have worked well to produce a completely new Indian design and manufactured machine. India is a very important market for us, one in which we continue to invest heavily. Having our machines made here, has now put us in a dominant market position. For our ongoing global sales efforts, we will now offer these India made models alongside our other Air Water machines."
Universal Communication Systems, Inc. Subsidiary Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. Signs Exclusive License Agreement With WaterMaker (India) PVT Limited
Distribution Source : Market Wire
Date : Friday - March 04, 2005

Friday - March 04, 2005MUMBAI, INDIA -- (Market Wire - Mar 04, 2005) -- Universal Communication Systems, Inc. (OTC BB: UCSY) subsidiary Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. company president Michael J. Zwebner announced today that the company has entered into a License Agreement with WaterMaker (India) PVT Limited, of Mumbai India.

Under the terms of the agreement, WaterMaker (India) will pay a License Fee for the exclusive rights to manufacture and / or market a range of Air Water - and WaterMaker branded machines in all of the Indian sub-continent.

The company plans to offer and market many of the Air to Water machines in the Indian market. India, with a population of about 1.3 billion people, is a large country that has serious and immediate water needs, and the company has plans to secure a major share of this growing marketplace.

Mr. Zwebner, in a statement issued in Mumbai, stated, "We are very happy to have entered into this agreement with this group. The owners are a well established Indian family, the Katgara's, whose company has been in business for over 100 years, being one of the leading organizations dealing in activities ranging from the Travel Industry, Global Logistics, Freight Forwarding & Clearing, handling and representing major international accounts through their extensive network. We feel that this group is most qualified and able to perform in the Air to Water Industry, and further promote our complete range of products and services in India."

Mr. Pallan Katgara, director of WaterMaker (India) Pvt Limited, stated, "We are delighted to be associated with Mr. Zwebner and his company Atmospheric Water Technologies, Inc. and the pioneering technology of air to water machines much needed in India. Drinking water solutions are certainly an industry where we have chosen to diversify into and we see unlimited opportunities as atmospheric conditions in India make this the most suited technology for the future in a country where drinking water scarcity is a reality of great proportions."

Water News

Water crisis in Chennai is only part of a grave all-India problem

In Mumbai, water is gold
he international media's attention is now on the severe water shortage in Chennai, India's fifth largest city of over five million people. The rains played truant, the city's water sources dried up, and groundwater was exhausted. Everyone including Tamil Nadu government ministers are looking up to the skies for relief.
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Rural India is benefitting from a technology that produces drinking water from air

In Mumbai, water is gold
A chance conversation between two strangers at New York's JFK airport in 2004 has today impacted and improved the lives of people in rural India. One was a scientist from America, who had developed a machine that converts air into safe drinking water, but wasn't sure how to promote and scale this technology.
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Cloud Storage

In Mumbai, water is gold
Dhobi Talao resident Meher Bhandara on launching a pioneering technology that makes water out of air
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In Mumbai, water is gold

In Mumbai, water is gold
Two families from the suburbs, one that gets water once in two days, and another that has suffered a similar fate but now enjoys plenty, talk of forced austerity.
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With 3000+ Installations Worldwide, Her Social Initiative Is Creating Safe Drinking Water From Air

In an exclusive conversation with Life Beyond Numbers, founder of WaterMaker, Meher Bhandara shares the precarious condition of water quality in India, saving man-hours when it comes to collecting drinking water from distant places, and how the initiative is changing lives for better.
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WaterMaker on Colombian TV

Dr. Juan Carlos Zambrano of AquaPlus, Colombia, our customer through a distribution partnership with Quest Water Solutions of Canada showcased the WEPS WaterMaker WM-120 on Global National News in Colombia. The excellent coverage, together with National Radio exposure, is generating a great deal of interest in our solution of making safe drinking water from air.
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Water under threat: new technology is the answer

Earlier this year, Cape Town came within a few drops of Day Zero when the taps are turned off. A serious drought was only just averted. This year, already the fourth hottest ever, is not a one off. Europe's heatwave and drought have decimated crops, and could lead to spikes in food prices; California has been up in flames again, while Japan saw dozens of deaths from sweltering heat.
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Health And Weight Loss: How Detox Water Helps With Weight Loss

'Detox' is the latest buzz word in the world of health and nutrition and there are plenty of reasons why you should join the fan club too. The human body has many natural pathways to allow detoxification through liver, sweat, urine and faeces, but many times these pathways are not enough.
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How “India’s water man” restores supply in parched north Rajasthan

Rajender Singh, popularly known as the “water man of India,” has been granted the Ramon Magsaysay award, and the Stockholm Water Prize, sometimes referred to as the “Nobel Prize for water”, for his community-based water management efforts
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How to Drink from the enormous lakes in the air
Attempts to conjure water ‘from thin air’ might offer relief for drought-ridden regions..

In this article below from the archives of bbc.com; Tim Smedley writes about how companies have adapted the dehumidifier technology for drinking water and makes a mention of ‘Indian company WaterMaker, which sells a range from small units to large truck-sized models ideal for villages [and] gated communities’
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Freshwater decline in India- Why is India running out of water?
“Water is a precious gift of nature and we have to preserve it.”

In past conversations, we often talk about fossil fuels and the consequences after their extinction but now the time has arrived to focus on depleting water level. Water, being an existential resource for us, is an unprioritized and ignored commodity. We can’t even dream our life without it, nevertheless it is not the point of focus in our planning while developing our society.
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Monsoon woes: E-Coli in drinking water

Parel, Dadar, Matunga, Colaba, Churchgate, Mantralaya, Cuffe Parade, – these are some of the areas where most contaminated water was supplied since the onset of monsoon. Despite some of these areas house high profile government offices, they did not get clean and potable water.
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Monsoon health tips: Top five health mantras to stay disease free this rainy season

Besides a cough, cold and flu, some of the common health problems during the monsoon season include typhoid, malaria, cholera, dengue, etc. To prevent these illnesses, you need to boost your immunity and make healthier lifestyle choices. Here are top five health mantras that will help you prevent stay fit and healthy this rainy season.
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#HealthBytes: 5 benefits of drinking enough water

With around 60% of our body comprising water, this elixir of life is crucial for healthy functioning.
Notably, lack of water may lead to headaches, constipation, lethargy, and other health issues.
Although there's no set standard as to how much water one should take in a day, 8-12 full glasses are usually recommended.
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Mumbai's heritage drinking water fountains can help reduce use of plastic bottles: Expert

Sitting under the tree next to Bai Mancooverbai Ardon Pyau, which was restored two years back, Chandrakant Mane and his friends recollect a time when there was no packaged drinking water and people coming to Horiman Circle Gardens would have water from a matka (earthen pot) filled from the bawdi (well).
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Indian drinking water supplies contaminated by high levels of uranium

Scientists have discovered widespread uranium pollution in drinking water supplies in India.

The study, led by researchers from Duke University in the US, believes the main source of the contamination found in wells and aquifers is natural, although human factors are believed to be making it worse.
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Water from Air contains no chemicals

A new study by Stanford University researchers, published in the journal Nature Communications, found that not only does groundwater pumping cause the ground to sink, it also increases arsenic levels in aquifers.
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The water crisis in Shimla is a warning for India

India will have to get its act together on urban water. Otherwise, Shimla-like incidents will recur across the country. In India, every ecological crisis — and we have plenty of them — has a familiar lifecycle.
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If 80% water consumption in India is for agriculture, why is it unregulated and inefficient?

During the 2011 census, India entered the league of water deficient nations. A nation is considered water deficient if the per capita availability falls below 1700 cubic meters per person. The per capita water availability that fell by 15% during the first decade of this century to 1545 cubic meters per person, will be below 1400 cubic meters per person this summer.
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Why a glass of water can make you more productive

This is part of a series looking at micro skills – changes that employees can make to improve their health and life at work and at home, and employers can make to improve the workplace. The Globe and Mail and Morneau Shepell have created the Employee Recommended Workplace Award to honour companies that put the health and well-being of their employees first.
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Dehydration: pay attention to your body to avoid it

It's natural to sweat more in summer, but also dangerous if you're not careful. In this edition of KERA's consumer health series, Vital Signs, Dr. Alexander Eastman, Interim Medical Director of Trauma at Parkland Hospital, explains how to guard against dehydration.
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Kerala government to declare nine districts drought-hit over poor monsoon, water scarcity

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In the wake of poor monsoon and water shortage, the state has decided to declare nine districts as drought-hit.
Alappuzha, Kannur, Idukki, Kasargod, Kozhikode, Malappuram, Palakkad, Thrissur and Wayanad district would be declared drought-hit.
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'Day zero' water crises: Spain, Morocco, India and Iraq at risk as reservoirs shrink

Shrinking reservoirs in Morocco, India, Iraq and Spain could spark the next "day zero" water crisis, according to the developers of a satellite early warning system for the world's 500,000 dams.
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Plastic Waste Crisis: What India Can Learn From Other Countries Around The World

According to The World Economic Forum study done on plastic pollution, if plastic pollution continues to rise then oceans will have more plastics than fish by 2050. India's contribution to plastic waste that is dumped into the world's oceans every year is a massive 60%.
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Fighting climate change: How a 'crazy' engineer solved Ladakh's water crisis

LEH: Years back, on a harsh winter morning in Ladakh in the northernmost Himalayas in India, a young and curious boy in a remote mountain village of the cold desert observed water coming out of a semi-frozen pipe, collecting in a small crater on the ground and freezing, just like a glacier.
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The Importance of Hydration: 10 Tips for a Healthy Summer

If it feels like you've been waiting all year for summer...well, you have! The sun is finally out, the grass is green, and you're ready to partake in all those outdoor picnics, beautiful hikes, and perfect pool afternoons that you dreamed about all winter. But as the mercury rises this summer, you'll need to pay close attention to one important aspect of your health: your hydration.
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UNESCO report confirms trouble for India; major water crisis predicted by 2050

UNESCO's report ahead of World Water Day on 22 March should serve as a wake-up call for every Indian. It highlights how India is staring at a deepening water crisis with few steps being taken to ameliorate this bleak situation. It predicts an intensified water crisis across the nation by 2050, with many parts of central India battling a withdrawal of 40 percent of the renewable surface water resources.
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Use underground water sources sparingly: Expert

NAGPUR: Digging a hole just a few feet deep at home is a good start in harvesting rainwater, said Laxman Jungari, retired executive engineer of the state's irrigation department. He was speaking at a lecture organized by Sarwadhar Jyeshtha Nagarik Mandal at Pawanbhoomi Ground on Friday.
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Cape Town's government has called for residents to limit their water use to 50 liters a day.
On July 9th - ominously dubbed "Day Zero," they will have to cut off taps to all homes
and most businesses.

Cape Town, South Africa, a city roughly the size of Los Angeles, is about to run out of water - completely.
Authorities are warning that as soon as July 9th - which they've ominously dubbed "Day Zero" - the drought-stricken city will have to cut off taps to all homes and most businesses, leaving nearly all of the city's 4 million residents without access to running water.
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Dying Waters: India Struggles to Clean Up Its Polluted Urban Rivers

India’s booming population and rapidly expanding urban areas have exacted a huge toll on its rivers, which are badly polluted and choked by development. But in cities across India, activists are heading to court to force municipalities and states to take action.
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Water crisis: Is Bengaluru heading for Day Zero? WaterMaker receives many inquiries for air water generators

BENGALURU: South African city Cape Town's severe water shortage - which has made it the first city globally to face Day Zero (when government will shut down water connections for homes and businesses) - has turned the spotlight on other big metros which might have to face this reality in the near term.
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11 countries are running out of water and India is one of them. Use a WaterMaker, save depleting water resources.

The world runs, not on fuel but on water; but clean, reliable water supply that is vital for industry, agriculture, and energy production faces formidable threats. The world is spending a bomb on devising methods to clean water and have access to potable water.
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Ancient Mauryan technology brings water, hope to dry Magadh in Bihar

Inspired by a college professor, villagers in the south-central part of Bihar donated money, built traditional channels and embankments to irrigate fields and ease farm woes.
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Why India Inc must cut its 'water footprint' to thrive in global economy

Across the globe, industrial societies thrive on an extensive use of water to run their manufacturing facilities and workplaces. These industries discharge large quantities of water from their sites, and should assume responsibility by ensuring they leave no footprint.
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'Raw water': A dangerous new health craze?

Start-ups in the US have started selling untreated water, taken straight from wild springs, for £4 per litre.

But according to experts, drinking "raw water" can be dangerous unless it is boiled first.
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Plastic in drinking water: what are the risks to human health?

Plastic microparticles are finding their way into our drinking water. We already knew tiny pieces of plastic find their way into seawater where they can be eaten by marine animals and so end up in human food. But now, perhaps more worryingly, new research suggests plastic particles or fibres are also commonly found in drinking water.
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Ocean plastic a 'planetary crisis' - UN

This is a planetary crisis. In a few short decades since we discovered the convenience of plastics, we are ruining the ecosystem of the ocean. With billions of tonnes of plastic waste entering the oceans we need urgent action.
Life in the seas risks irreparable damage from a rising tide of plastic waste, the UN oceans chief has warned. Lisa Svensson said governments, firms and individual people must act far more quickly to halt plastic pollution.
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Water from Air is pure and safe.

19% of Indians drink water with lethal levels of arsenic.
NEW DELHI: About 239 million people across 153 districts in 21 states drink water that contains unacceptably high levels of arsenic. In effect, they are being slowly poisoned. Calculations based on information provided by the water resources ministry in response to a question in the Lok Sabha reveal that 65% of Assam's population, or about 21 million people, is drinking arsenic-contaminated water, while it's 60% in Bihar and 44% in West Bengal.
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Drinking more water reduces sugar, sodium and saturated fat intake.

Based on the fact that about two thirds of our bodies are comprised of water, it may seem obvious that consuming water is important for our health. But a new study finds that by increasing plain water consumption, we can control our weight and reduce intakes of sugar, sodium and saturated fat.
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Water Is Precious and This Hyderabad Lady Is Going All out to Save Every Drop!

Water is scarce. Apart from the fact that it is in short supply, the pollution of water-bodies doesn’t help the cause.
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Our Rivers Are Dying

‘This is not a protest. This is not an agitation. This is a campaign to raise awareness that our rivers are depleting. Everyone who consumes water must Rally For Rivers’. - Sadhguru
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In water denial? Sorry to burst your bubble

Are you someone who believes that the current water crisis is temporary and we will revert to "normal" after a couple of wet winters? It would be a good idea to think again, because the planet is running out of new sources of drinkable water, and its scarcity will intensify during the next few decades.
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The Dangerous Reason why some ‘Re-usable’ plastic water bottles ought not to be re-filled.

With temperatures soaring we should all be reaching for the water to stay hydrated. But, if you’re the kind of person that likes to refill your plastic bottle each day you could actually be doing more harm than good.
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Can Drinking Water Be Produced from Thin Air? Yes, and It Is Happening Right Here in India!

In a country where women often have to walk miles to find and collect drinking water for their families, the WaterMaker project to produce water from thin air is no less than magical. It is, in the words of one grateful recipient, "khuda ka paani."
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Competing for Finite Resources - Water Matters!

Global water crises – from drought in the world’s most productive farmlands to the millions of people without access to safe drinking water – are the biggest threat facing the planet over the next decade. With increasing demand, due to the growing population and unsustainable lifestyle, many countries are facing severe water crises. In the absence of suitable corrective measures, many developing countries including India will have to face crisis of water scarcity.
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The colossal mass of plastic waste taking over the Caribbean

A huge mass of plastic bottles, cutlery and polystyrene plates have been found floating in the Caribbean. The 'sea of plastic' stretches for miles, from horizon to horizon.
Underwater photographer Caroline Power was there to witness it first-hand. She told 5 live it was "one of the most disgusting things you could imagine to see in the water."
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Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals

Tests show billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles, with 83% of samples found to be polluted. Microplastic contamination has been found in tap water in countries around the world, leading to calls from scientists for urgent research on the implications for health.
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Why Clean Water is So Important

We all know water quality is important; but there are some not so obvious reasons that make this the case. Of course, humans rely on it to drink, but we seldom think that water plays a part in us eating too. This liquid provides the nutrition needed for plants and animals to grow and produce the food we consume every day.
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Kollam corporation now gets 'water from air'

Corporation installs first-ever 'atmospheric water generator' in state.
KOLLAM: The Kollam corporation staff will never feel thirsty again. They have now water produced from thin air. The corporation has installed the first-ever 'atmospheric water generator' in the state in its office. The machine absorbs humidity and moisture from the air, condenses it converting it into water, and is given through the outlet after seven layers of filtering.
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79% of plastic in landfills, water bodies.

NEW DELHI: When Prime Minister Narendra Modi had last year given a call to save cows from plastic, his message brought into focus the hazards of this non-biodegradable product not only for animals but also for the overall environment.
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From Evidence to Policy in India's Groundwater Crisis.

CRISIS: India accounts for 25 percent of the world's extracted groundwater.

Among the barrage of threats to human survival – economic crises, terrorism, inequality – perhaps the most urgent but least prioritized lies underfoot: groundwater. The World Economic Forum ranks water crises the world's third greatest risk by impact, and extreme weather the top risk by likelihood.
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How To Make Alkaline Water To Fight Fatigue, Digestive Issues And Cancer.

Healthy Alkaline water from WaterMaker.

Is alkaline water good for you? A healthy body should always be slightly alkaline. The majority of people today, however, tend to be more acidic (if not highly acidic). This is caused by stress, environmental factors and the foods they eat.
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India’s thirsty arguments for water woes.

Innovative atmospheric water technology can help alleviate water woes. It makes water from air.

India’s weather pundits are starting to sweat over this year’s monsoon prospects and the country’s water equation. According to international water safety organisation Water Aid, India has the most rural people living without access to clean water — 63.4 million.
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Five Steps To Reduce Water Waste

Water scarcity is a globally recognized problem. The world is projected to face a 40% water deficit by 2030, according to the United Nations 2015 World Water Development Report. While this issue is gaining public attention, many of us are not aware of our personal or professional water footprints.
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WaterMaker gives you safe purified water from air. Whenever and wherever you need it.

Chennai's Drinking Water Cut By Half Amid Worst Drought In 140 Years.
Chennai is facing an acute crisis of drinking water as all four lakes around the city have dried up, the local authorities have said. Tamil Nadu is witnessing the worst drought in 140 years.
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Centre, states not on same page when it comes to water rule book

NEW DELHI: Simply improve governance or push for a national law on water? The debate on the best way to manage India's multiple water crises is likely to gain currency again with PM Narendra Modi's visit to Israel in early July. Cooperation on water issues-conservation, desalination, urban sewage treatment to name a few-is likely to be an important point of discussion.
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Next generation should be taught to use water prudently: PM Modi

BHACHAU: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the next generation should be taught to use water judiciously and advised farmers to use drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.
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WaterMaker needs no water source, it makes water from air.

India uses up more groundwater than US and China
Agricultural production over the years has mostly been fuelled by heavy use of groundwater.
If the current trends continue, by 2030 nearly 60% of Indian aquifers will be in a critical condition.
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World Health Organization warns 2 billion people worldwide drinking contaminated water

The World Health Organization has warned that nearly two billion people worldwide currently use faecal-contaminated water.

The UN agency says dramatic improvements are needed in ensuring global access to clean water and sanitation.
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Why You Shouldn't Drink Water Immediately After Meals

There has been a lot of debate on the time and amount of water you should be having before, with and after meals. A lot of people have the habit of downing umpteen glasses of water along with their meals, perhaps with the intention of washing down the food and hoping that this aids the digestive process.
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63 million Indians do not have access to clean drinking water.

India has more people in rural areas–63.4 million–living without access to clean water than any other country, according to Wild Water, State of the World's Water 2017, new report by WaterAid, a global advocacy group on water and sanitation.
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More funds to rejuvenate wells, lakes and sink borewells

CHENNAI: To ensure supply of drinking water, the state government has allotted Rs 150 crore for urban areas and Rs 460 crore for rural areas, in the Tamil Nadu 2017-18 budget released on Thursday.
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World Water Day

World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about taking action on water issues. In 2017, the theme is wastewater and the campaign, ‘Why waste water?’, is about reducing and reusing wastewater.
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Drinking Water from Air is the best

Multi-crore homes, undrinkable water; coliform, E-coli found in water supply in city’s poshest areas.
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Are you drinking too much water without realizing?

We are often told to drink as much water as possible. Celebrities' often cite this elixir as their beauty secret and we are told that it can cure our many maladies.
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Karnataka village observes bandh as farmers seek release of water

A bandh was observed on Saturday in Ballari, in response to a call given by the local farmers association to press its demand for release of water from Tungabhadra reservoir immediately for plantain, sugarcane and other crops in the district. In a total shutdown, commercial establishments, cinema theatres, petrol bunks and educational institutions remained close, as hundreds of farmers marched in a procession and held a public rally.
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Take steps to improve water quality

The Save Bhavani Trust has sought the District Collector's intervention in improving the quality of River Bhavani water. In its petition, submitted on Monday, it said that the water the residents of Mettupalayam town and villages in the neighbourhood used from the river had turned polluted, as recent reports have suggested.
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Annual Statistics Indicate Increase in Worldwide Water Consumption | Water Quality Products

Waterless Co. Inc. released the annual water footprint statistics for the top 10 water-using countries in the world.
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Most states fail to stop decline in ground water levels

NEW DELHI: Decline in ground water level due to overexploitation of available resources had prompted the Centre in 2013 to come out with a master plan for artificial recharge of ground water, specifying how different states would go about it on priority.
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Krishna water likely to be delayed again

CHENNAI: The parched city may have to wait a week longer for Andhra Pradesh to release Krishna water.
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Karnataka staring at a major drinking water crisis as reservoir levels plunge

KARNATAKA: Major drinking water crisis as the monsoon has failed the state for the second consecutive year.
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Residents stage protest in Coimbatore demanding drinking water

COIMBATORE: Residents of Kurichi staged a protest outside the south zone office of Coimbatore City Corporation on as they had not received drinking water for over 15 days.
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Water woes: C Raveendranath calls for master plan

KOCHI: A meeting convened by education minister C Raveendranath, who holds the charge of Ernakulam district, on Tuesday called for preparing a master plan for solving the drinking water problem in the district.
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Not Enough Water To Interlink India's Rivers: IIT Study

The government's ambitious plan to interlink India's rivers for better distribution of water across the country may need to be tweaked to factor in the effects of climate change.
A Hindustan Times story talks about how an analysis of weather data for 103 years (1901 to 2004) by researchers from the Indian Institutes of Technology in Mumbai and Chennai shows that rainfall has decreased over the years, reducing water stocks even in river basins that have a surplus.
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Decoding 'The Water Footprint'

Most people think of water consumption as the amount of water needed for their daily use, i.e. for active consumption. Most don't realise that apart from drinking, bathing, cooking and other direct uses, we consume a lot of water in many indirect ways too. When combined with active consumption, it's known as a Water Footprint: the total volume of freshwater consumed and polluted for the production of the goods and services consumed by the consumer.
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Rains May Have Arrived, But India Still Grapples With Water Troubles

Uttar Pradesh's Gangnauli village has plenty of water. Sadly, it is all contaminated. The World Resources Institute claims, that in India, over 130 million people live in areas where groundwater supplies are contaminated with at least one dangerous pollutant such as arsenic or nitrate.
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The Devastating Effects Of Fluoride In UP's Groundwater

​Uttar Pradesh's Sonbhadra district is home to 600 villages, out of which 250 suffer from excess fluoride in their groundwater with 150 of them containing fluoride well beyond the permissible limit.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO): Ingestion of excess fluoride, most commonly in drinking-water, can cause fluorosis which affects the teeth and bones.
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World Economic Forum Report: Water Crises A Top Global Risk

A report from the World Economic Forum states that "Global water crises—from drought in the world's most productive farmlands to the hundreds of millions of people without access to safe drinking water—are the biggest threats facing the planet over the next decade."
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Saudi Arabia Could Run Out Of Water by 2030

Unsettling news emerges from the Middle East as the World Bank reports that Saudi Arabia is running out of water.
The Independent claims that Saudi Arabia will run out of groundwater in the next 13 years. "Groundwater in Gulf countries is running out because they have some of the highest levels of water consumption per capita in the world, Saudi newspaper Al-Watan Arabic daily reported.
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Stories Of Violence And Murder Emerge As India's Interiors Grapple With Water Shortages

Last week, Reuters published a comprehensive account detailing how India's increasing water troubles are exacerbating an already tense situation.
As northern and central India continue to suffer through severe drought and oppressive heat, police in Bundelkhand and several other regions are reporting a rise in violent—and often deadly—clashes over water.
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NASA Reveals India's Groundwater Depletion Worst In The World

India depends heavily on the Indus Basin but has no measures to offset its usage.
NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites have revealed that the Indus Basin aquifer, a source of fresh water for millions of people across India and Pakistan, is the second-most overstressed on the planet.
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Study: Bengaluru To Be Water-Scarce And Unliveable by 2020

Startling conditions point towards an incredibly bleak future for India's IT capital.
A paper by T V Ramachandra and Bharath H Aithal, scientists from the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, warns that if current practices continue, Karnataka's capital city will be unliveable by 2020.
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Polio Strain Found In Hyderabad's Water Supply

Recently, a strain of the polio virus (known as the P2 strain) was found in Hyderabad's sewage water supply, sending citizens into panic mode.
India was declared polio free in 2014, and despite the discovery, the health ministry says there's no cause for alarm.
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Study: An Above - Normal Monsoon Won't End India's Water Troubles

India has seen below-normal rainfall over the last two monsoons, which has resulted in the country's worst drought in over six decades. While forecasts predict that 2016's monsoon will be above normal, it's not enough to fix India's longterm water issues, according to Quartz.
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Delhi Residents Come To Blows Over Lack of Water

A video of women residents of South Delhi's Mahipalpur village attacking each other over water has gone viral on social media, catching the attention of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, who in turn directed water minister Kapil Mishra to investigate.
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