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1. Will WaterMaker operate in areas with low humidity?
The system will produce less water during the day in areas that have low humidity. Please refer to the Water Recovery Chart. However, it will produce more water at night, due to the dew point factor.
2. What happens when I am away?
Please switch off the machine if you are away for more than 3-4 days. As a health safety measure, drain out the water tank prior to restarting upon your return.
3. What Water Quality Standards does WaterMaker meet?
It meets the World Health Organization (WHO) and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)/ IS 10500: 2012 standards.
4. How often do I need to change the water filters?
All the filters (sediment, pre carbon, UF membrane, post carbon and mineral cartridges) need to be replaced every 6 months. All UV lamps (Sub. UV and online UV) should be replaced once a year. The cost of replacing these is negligible.
5. How often do I need to clean the air filter?
It depends on where the machine is located and the ambient air quality. You should check it twice a month.
6. How is WaterMaker powered? If there is no power can it still dispense water?
WaterMaker can operate on electrical power, solar / wind / hybrid / biogas energy or with oil powered generators. It cannot dispense water if there is no power, unless the purified water is stored in an external tank with dispensing outlets.
7. How much power does the machine consume?
Power consumption is dependent on the production capacity of each machine. For details please refer to the product specifications. It also depends on frequency of water usage and the climatic conditions prevalent at the location.
8. What is the machine's life span?
If the machine is used as specified in the Instruction Manual and proper maintenance procedures are employed, the unit will operate for over 12-15 years.
9. What is the warranty on the machines?
In India, machines are under warranty for 12 months from date of sale / installation. For other countries, machines are under warranty for 12 months from date of installation or 15 months from date of dispatch, whichever is earlier.
10. What is the service back up?
In India, we provide one free service every three months during the one-year warranty period. We also offer an Annual Maintenance Contract. Outside India, our distributors provide after sales service.
11. Can I use these machines for general purpose / agricultural use?
Modified machines without purification / filtration and storage tank are available. The machine specifications will change.
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