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Competing for Finite Resources - Water Matters!

Several technology innovations like atmospheric water generators, desalination etc. holds promise to mitigate the water scarcity in future.

Global water crises – from drought in the world’s most productive farmlands to the millions of people without access to safe drinking water – are the biggest threat facing the planet over the next decade. With increasing demand, due to the growing population and unsustainable lifestyle, many countries are facing severe water crises. In the absence of suitable corrective measures, many developing countries including India will have to face crisis of water scarcity.

The Indian Context
India is not water poor country, availability of rain water, surface and ground water are not an imperative problem, but inequity due to population growth, rapid urbanization and inefficient resource management, water is becoming a scarce commodity. This crisis is an emergency and calls for attention by all the stakeholders to make sustainable and intelligent use of the available water resources.

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