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Cape Town's government has called for residents to limit their water use to 50 liters a day.
On July 9th - ominously dubbed "Day Zero," they will have to cut off taps to all homes and most businesses.

Cape Town, South Africa, a city roughly the size of Los Angeles, is about to run out of water - completely.

Authorities are warning that as soon as July 9th - which they've ominously dubbed "Day Zero" - the drought-stricken city will have to cut off taps to all homes and most businesses, leaving nearly all of the city's 4 million residents without access to running water.

Residents will then have to go to roughly 200 collection points scattered across the city to collect strictly rationed water. People will be allowed just 25 liters - about 6.5 gallons - of water a day. That's all the water they'll have for drinking, bathing, flushing toilets, and washing their hands.

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