WaterMaker India
We Make Water

Our innovative alternate water technology produces
high quality safe drinking water from the atmosphere

Whether you require 25 litres for home use or unlimited quantities of pure drinking water for industrial, commercial, medical, rural / township development or military purposes the WaterMaker®machine could be the answer to your potable water problem.

  • Produces water directly from the air
  • Needs no water source
  • Totally free from bacteria
  • Water contains no harmful chemicals
  • Recycles and cleans the air
  • Is an effective dehumidifier
  • Easy set up
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost efficient
  • Water produced is at half the cost of bottled water.
  • Purity of water compliant to WHO, BIS norms

Litres of water
  • Added to the world's water resources
  • Left the world's water supply untouched
  • For a better tomorrow...
Water Planet
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  • CE
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